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    We get the best to do the best
    We are highly driven by people as our biggest commodity and adhere to the ethics in which we have committed to conduct business, therefore we believe looking after the best interest  between both client and prospective professional.
    In order to ensure all local talent is being utilised Inqaba Services facilitate a full spectrum national recruitment drive on client specific requirement.
    Inqaba Services facilitates forums with applicable unions involving them throughout the process of source and securing
    South Africans as our first preference.
    Our team book testing facilities nationally, taking care of all logistics, paperwork and travelling required for an effective recruitment drive. Results are populated for presentation.
    After consulting with the corporate board and if being unsuccessful in recruiting the amount of skilled labour available, as opposed to the labour needed, we then only present foreign craft, as a solution to the project/site with the benefits of upskilling foreign to local in the process.
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    Insuring your legality
    Testing of both local shortlisted craft and foreign craft.
    Transfer of foreign craft to South Africa and integration onto job site.
    GAP analysis of current craft.
    Development of skills training programme.
    Implementation of skills development on site.
    Performance management of both foreign craft and local craft.
    Recruiting highly skilled and experienced craft country wide & internationally.
    Increase immediate productivity.
    Decrease defect rates.
    Increase in quality of workmanship.
    Alignment with production goals.
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    Committed to improve and empower individual capabilities
    Through our renowned skills transfer division Inqaba Services' vision is to provide, improve and empower learners with skills to meet the demand required by client. We believe in uplifting and enhancing our learners, by giving them the tools to better their future thus driving development beyond traditional economic hubs into spatial/under-developed areas.
    Generating new sustainable job opportunities.
    Reduce vulnerability of supply.
    Complying with government requirements.
    Reducing costs.
    Improving quality control.
    Skills and technology transfer.
    Creation of employment opportunities and business opportunities.
    Skilling and re-skilling of unemployed clients.
    Combating long-term unemployment.
    Poverty Reduction.
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    Geared towards customer service
    Ensuring optimal productivity from the team selected.
    Full facilitation of your employees, from basic support to paying on time we promise a motivated team adding value to your vision.