As a company, we are committed to develop human skills capabilities, through practical training in specific work-related skills programs, which are aligned to international standards. We endeavour to eradicate poverty and create employment and income generating opportunities for all.

Skills Transfer Programmes include


Benefits include

Generating new sustainable job opportunities
Reduce vulnerability of supply
Complying with government requirements
Reducing costs
Improving quality control
Skills and technology transfer
Creation of employment opportunities and business opportunities
Skilling and re-skilling of unemployed clients
Combating long-term unemployment
Poverty Reduction

Two Major Challenges for the industry

Skills shortages
Proposed labour legislation changes

Skills shortages

At this point in time South Africa is facing a massive crisis with regards to the skills available against the proposed projects of the future. For example large companies are dependent on 3rd party skilled labour to fulfil their project needs. Additional areas of concern include pay rates, fraudulent qualifications, Unions and the massive scope of work of these future projects

Job Readiness Programs

Our job readiness initiative is structured to improve and empower learners with the skills requirement in advance of the demand.
To maximize local community job creation and Job Readiness through training in all aspects of the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical trades.
Our established training facility enables us to: Conduct pre-employment assessments (statistically improving placement time & quality).
Job readiness programmes (civil): Steel Fixing/Binding, Shuttering/Formwork, Concrete hands, Scaffolding, Carpentry, Bricklaying/Plastering & Plumbing.

Foreign to Local Skills Transfer programmes

We offer foreign craft training facilitators to assist in accelerating production and bridging the gap between capabilities and competencies, leaving a legacy for future generations through skills development.
We see the skills transfer course as a process of developing the trainee’s knowledge and skills to a desired level of competence. We do this by providing learning programs that are practical and easily understood.
These services are available to individual people, organisations, communities as well as government sectors to be part of specialised practical skills programs, at an affordable rate for them to participate in the country’s economic opportunities.
A proposed training and up skilling piloting project can commence  immediately at Inqaba’s Training facility and 
thereafter rolled out to all the various projects throughout South Africa and other African Countries.